About Pro-MEC™ Engineering Services

Pro-MEC Engineering Services Inc. is a Progressive Mechanical, Electrical and Chemical Engineering Company. We provide quality, value-added solutions for a variety of commercial, institutional and industrial partners. Our goal is to provide quality field services to our customers and on behalf of our partners.

Pro-MEC is an independent third party engineering and field services provider. We offer non-biased, independent evaluation and assistance with Facility and Systems optimization, from design to PM. With a "Hands-On" approach, Pro-MEC designs, implements and maintains precise process systems for a multitude of customer markets and applications.

History of Pro-MEC™

Pro-MEC Engineering Services was founded in 1999 by a group of engineers who identified a gap between concept and reality. That gap being between the design promise of equipment and facility systems, the field start-up and operation of those designs, and the long-term maintenance and enhancements of systems to optimize operating cost and lifespan. Our goal is to provide the field services and feedback information required to make reality meet concept – of both equipment and facilities – so you benefit from the ROI that drives project initiation.

  • We began in the air pollution control markets, providing the commissioning of new installations and the trouble-shooting of existing systems.
  • Pro-MEC added a number of Field Service Technicians with expertise to address new and challenging issues we discover.
  • We’ve also added application-specific degreed Engineers with diverse backgrounds, such as Facilities Management, Electrical process design & Programming and Sustainable Energy.
  • Now we are developing Products that are simply better than those commercially available.

Corporate Mission

"Progressive Solutions for Tomorrow's Problems" - Pro-MEC's goal is to stay on the cutting edge of engineering design, energy usage minimization, and testing and verification of mechanical/process systems. We believe that developing a wide knowledge and experience base in all building sciences, commercial HVAC, process applications, and pollution control processes will enable us to solve many of the issues presented.

"Independent Testing Firm" - Pro-MEC strives to provide facility and equipment owners with value added solutions to facility and operational challenges. We highly stress the need for independent third party testing and verification. The result of an independent verification program is a well-documented system performance evaluation which provides the design team and owner with a record of system functionality. It is a “road map” that can be used to reach the end goal, a properly operating facility or process operating to the design intent and/or as efficiently as possible.

Corporate Values

Simply stated, our values reflect customer values, including –

  • Commitment
  • Communication
  • Innovative Solutions
  • Partnership
  • Project Delivery
  • Quality
  • Regulatory expertise
  • Safety
  • Technical expertise
  • Value