What is Commissioning (Cx)?

Commissioning provides documented verification that the fundamental building systems and equipment are designed, installed, and performing as intended in accordance with the basis of design (BOD), the owners project requirements (OPR), and to meet current occupant, environmental and sustainable energy requirements.

Commissioning is building systems Total Quality Assurance –

  • Building Design
  • Building Construction
  • Building Acceptance/Warranty

Why Commissioning?

Commissioning is performed in order to keep the system in optimal condition through the life of the building for environment, energy and facility usage. This means energy conservation, indoor air quality, environmental responsibility, maintainability and preventive maintenance of building systems.

The Operating Costs of a commissioned building are 8 – 20% LOWER than a comparable non-commissioned building. Source: GSA Building Commissioning Guideline

Pro-MEC™ – Your Commissioning Authority (Cx-A)

As your Commissioning Authority, Pro-MEC Commissioning Services ensures that the building system is designed, installed, functionally tested, and capable of being operated and maintained to perform in conformity with design intent and users’ requests.

Benefits of Pro-MEC Commissioning –

  • Identify functional needs of the owner
  • Systems perform as designed and intended
  • Improved project delivery process
  • Lower Operation & Maintenance costs (O&M)
  • Enhanced occupant comfort & productivity
  • Improved Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)
  • Enhanced System Reliability
  • Better building documentation
  • Reduction in change orders and requests for improvement

Where does Commissioning Fit in the Process?

Commissioning begins with pre-design phase and can be applied through the life of a building including all phases – pre-design, design, construction and operation phases.


Types of Commissioning

There are 3 basic types of commissioning. Read more about how Pro-MEC delivers value in each:

1. New Construction Commissioning: NC-Cx
2. Existing Building or Retro-Commissioning: EB-Cx or R-Cx
3. Retro Commissioning: C-Cx