Retro Commissioning: C-Cx

Retro Commissioning® is an ongoing process to resolve operating problems, improve comfort, and optimize energy use for existing commercial and institutional buildings and central plant facilities. Retro Commissioning® incorporates and extends existing building commissioning practices.

The objective of C-Cx is to produce a rapid payback while providing sustained improvement to building performance according to the facility’s actual use. Most companies experience a payback inside 2 years.

Retro Commissioning process

Retro Commissioning provides significant benefits – improving occupant comfort and system performance – using cost effective measures. Benefits include:

  • Improved occupant comfort and satisfaction
  • Normally uses existing equipment rather than costly retrofits
  • Achieves higher system efficiencies over traditional methods

Because Pro-MEC Engineering Services has extreme competence with TAB and generally applies a “real world” approach learned from Field Services to every project we undertake, we have the tools, skills, training and expertise to make the Retro Commissioning® process effective. That is, to quickly identify the best improvement opportunities—those that can be implemented with the least cost while producing the greatest impact.