Control Systems Verification

A growing number of new/alteration construction specifications are formally requiring Control Systems Verification or Temperature Verification measures.

Minus an initial control systems verification program, many facility managers find themselves with a building control/automation system that reports, and as a result, controls the associated facility system in an inefficient manner. Additionally, facilities outfitted with a considerable level of control (especially critical systems) can implement a preventative/predictive maintenance program that maintains the functional performance integrity of these systems.

Unfortunately these functions are often not carried out as intended by specifying officials. The TAB contractor rarely fulfills this scope of work, often due to a lack of communication between the TAB and control system contractors. During the construction process it is important, especially in the absence of a commissioning program, that these two entities maintain clear lines of communication.

Pro-MEC™ is Your Third-Party Control Systems Verification Expert

As a NEBB certified HVAC Commissioning firm seasoned in the associated operation of facility control systems, Pro-MEC Engineering Services, Inc. is adept in the verification of both individual and system-wide controller performance. Tasks carried out include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Verification of temperature, humidity and pressure sensor outputs
  • Functional performance testing to verify conformance of actual sequence of operation to that of design intent (see Building Systems Commissioning for further explanation)
  • Verification that fluid quantities are accurately displayed/reported and therefore controlling all associated parameters as intended.