Facility Testing, Adjusting, Balancing (TAB) for Hydronic Systems

Pro-MEC Engineering Services, Inc. (Pro-MEC) is a firm certified by the National Environmental Balancing Bureau in Hydronic Systems Testing, Adjusting and Balancing (TAB) of commercial and institutional facilities. This covers work of the following nature:

  • New construction fluid systems TAB
  • Renovation/alteration fluid systems TAB
  • Pre-design fluid TAB for alteration/renovation feasibility studies
  • Troubleshooting and performance studies of existing systems

In conducting Hydronics TAB projects, Pro-MEC includes the following as part of the final report:

  • Title/cover page with all applicable project and contact information for design team and contractors
  • Table of contents as a summary of all TAB reports included therein
  • Equipment list summarizing all testing equipment used and dates of calibration for each
  • System diagram showing all terminals attached to the associated hydronic system
  • Hydronic equipment apparatus reports (ie, pumps, chillers, cooling towers) – each including original design values vs. manufacturer’s submittal data vs. actual data observed (equipment nameplate information, motor nameplate information, discharge head, suction head, total head, block tight pressure drop, impeller size, motor overload protection information, motor starter information, brake horsepower calculation, pump flow vs. multi-purpose valve flow – if applicable – vs. terminal flow)
  • Terminal hydronic flow reports for all associated coils and equipment on a hydronic distribution system. Each contains a heading for terminal user number (as per PMES), terminal tag number (as per project mechanical schedule), terminal type, terminal location, terminal size, design flow, actual pressure drop at flow measuring station, actual flow, percent of design, final measuring station valve position.