Pro-MEC's™ Industrial Services

At Pro-MEC Engineering Services, we view facility management as improving peoples’ lives by providing a healthy, safe, comfortable environment in which to work each and every day. To us, Facility Management means providing comprehensive solutions to a diverse audience:

  • Architecture & Engineering seeking a non-biased field services contractor to assure their designs are implemented to specification;
  • Process Equipment OEMs seeking a third-party contractor to insure their equipment is properly installed, operational, tested, performance validated and signed-off;
  • Facility Owners & Managers seeking assistance to optimize facility cost and life, often relieving internal personnel from the burden of activities they don’t have time for or aren’t expert in.

Pro-MEC's™ Comprehensive Facility Services

Pro-MEC provides the following comprehensive services to fulfill the needs, challenges and requirements of successful Facility Management, everything about a Workplace Building that leads up to where Productive Equipment is plugged in, including –

Optimizing Facility Cost and Life

Like Preventive Maintenance for Capital Equipment, implementing a series of PM-like activities on facilities and their functional equipment is very effective in reducing Facility Operating Cost and extending Facility Life. It’s about cost-effectively maximizing a facility’s Physical, Functional and Economic life.