Why Laser Alignment?

Bad alignment on a motor-pump unit and it's directly coupled machine can cost a facility thousands of dollars in unnecessary downtime, failed and premature part wear, along with reduced production and energy efficiency.  Proper alignment of machines is an extremely important task in order to save great amounts of capital for machine-intensive facilities. Bad alignment issues are often caused by lack of; knowledge, procedures, training, time, and/or accurate tools.

Laser Alignment is a fast and accurate procedure using a transmitter and receiver on opposing rotating shafts that quickly compute the correction required.   As added benefit, soft-foot testing can be done simultaneously and after alignment – the before and after results can be tracked over time.

Understanding Misalignment

Simply put, offset misalignment is the radial separation of two coupled shaft center lines.

While angular misalignment is the offset angle of one shaft compared to the coupled shaft.

Equipment Requiring Alignment

Laser Alignment is the recommended and best method for aligning tight-tolerance equipment. In fact, Pro-MEC recommends aligning equipment with any number of connected components. Equipment such as:

  • Air or Liquid Circulating Pumps
  • Air Compressors
  • Air Handlers
  • Cooling Tower shafts
  • Refirgerant Compressors
  • Generators 

When to Use Laser Alignment

Pro-MEC recommends an alignment check if a piece of equipment is repaired (including components replacement). So, while many contractors perform Laser Alignment on new installs, at Pro-MEC, Laser Alignment is part of our Diagnostic/Troubleshooting/Repair toolkit, and we use it to provide our customers validation of Before/After alignment readings.