The Pro-MEC™ Industrial Process Design & Build

Pro-MEC is NOT a Facility Design firm – you hire A & E (Architecture & Engineering) firms for that expertise. We are also NOT a Conventional Facility Construction firm.

Pro-MEC is an expert in providing robust solutions that perform delivering comprehensive designs, engineering and installation services for industrial projects.

When you hire Pro-MEC Engineering Services as your partner, we take ownership of the entire process and rest assured, we stand behind our work. Pro-MEC accepts 100% responsibility and accountability for the performance of the system we inspect.

Pro-MEC™: Design-Build Experts

Pro-MEC Engineering Services provides hands on assurance for constructed, functional needs. Our sole interest is seeing projects completed on-time, on-spec, on-budget with minimal change orders, and ensure customer satisfaction after occupancy while meeting performance and regulatory standards to provide years of cost-effective operation including: