Operational Performance Verification – OPV™

Once your system is online and Verification performed to assure operation meets Design Specs, Pro-MEC’s Operational Performance Verification (OPV™) program helps maintain the efficiency and effectiveness of your equipment. Our OPV™ keeps it performing within your real-world requirements, with the attempt at lowering O&M costs and extending life. We find often that real-world requirements change by a project’s completion from the Design Requirements established at the outset.

Operational Performance Verification OPV™ is the only way to document that the complete integrated operational system meets owner’s performance requirements and the basis of design (BOD as interpreted by the design team) has been successfully implemented, and continues to be valid as time goes by.

OPV™ is a sustained PM process

OPV™ is NOT a 1-time activity. It should be part of your Equipment/Facility PM – because buildings change over time and so do the demands placed on them. See also Retro Commissioning.

Why Pro-MEC OPV™?

Simply stated, our combination of diverse application engineering expertise plus field service focus give us the technical understanding of systems integration, aiding Facilities Managers/Owners to transfer design intent into a working system in the field.

NEBB certification in Air and Hydronic system Testing, Adjusting and Balancing (TAB) of commercial, institutional, and industrial process equipment, plus Pro-MEC is further certified through NEBB in Facility Systems Commissioning. These certifications provide customers with confidence that a systematic approach and detailed field investigation will be carried out to attain results that reflect how the equipment and/or systems are functioning.

Besides OPV™ for HVAC described here, we also perform OPV™ for General Equipment.