OPV™ for General Equipment

Pro-MEC Engineering Services Inc. provides peace of mind. A program can be developed depending on your type of equipment and/or process with a Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) or a traditional Preventative Maintenance PM approach.

Our program gathers the operational parameters (OPV™) of a piece of equipment and/or process and performs routine analysis and calibration (routine equipment/controls re-commissioning) from a Predictive Maintenance (PM) view to verify operating condition. Pro-MEC works with the appropriate personnel at the plant level or the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to identify all of the critical operating parameters.

Once this initial equipment study has been performed, an OPV™ program is developed into a customized Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) which will be followed for all on-site visits. A customized report will then be developed in order to track and convey all equipment parameters to all involved parties. This report can be made up of several different sections based on the owner’s needs and goals (i.e. raw data section, initial design data section, performance comparison section (ISO), operating permit comparison section (ISO), future scheduled corrective actions, performed corrective actions log, Continuous improvement recommendation section(ISO) and performed improvements log(ISO).

These parameters can be used to:

  • Help predict/prevent failure (PM) of equipment.
  • Verify/confirm (OPV™) the equipment is operating in accordance with all associated local, state, or federal permits.
  • Verify/confirm (OPV™) the equipment is operating in a manner that is providing a safe environment for all employees.
  • Verify/confirm (OPV™) the equipment is operating according to the design from an energy efficiency standpoint.

In many of our current contracts, these different objectives are combined into one program, where the OPV™ test results can help lead into a PM troubleshooting situation to identify an equipment problem. Once isolated, the problem can be corrected while equipment remains operational, or it may have to be scheduled for a later shutdown date. There are many situations that can arise depending on the type of equipment or the production/operational nature of the equipment.

Pro-MEC General Equipment OPV™ Services

We provide OPV™ services for:

  • Commercial HVAC equipment
  • Institutional HVAC equipment
  • Industrial Process Equipment
  • Industrial Air Pollution Control Equipment
  • Industrial Material Handling Equipment

In some instances Pro-MEC will perform the OPV™™ functions that begin the equipment review program. Once an operating issue has been identified, a plan can be developed to fix the problem. Who corrects identified operating issues is up to you - it can range from in house plant personnel, Pro-MEC technicians, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) technicians, or qualified subcontracted service providers.

Once a system has been repaired or site adjusted, Pro-MEC utilizes its system Start-up services to bring the system back on line in an orderly manner. All operation parameters are re-confirmed and recorded in a comprehensive commissioning report.

Pro-MEC Engineering Services is certified by the National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB) in Air and Hydronic system Testing, Adjusting and Balancing (TAB) of commercial, institutional, and industrial facilities. Pro-MEC draws from its (TAB) experience and various testing equipment to perform a number of parameter checks regarding HVAC, industrial ventilation and /or air pollution control equipment. Pro-MEC also carries certification by the NEBB in system commissioning. Re-Commissioning equipment after service has been performed is an important part of any program.