Proactive Central Plant Preventive Maintenance – PM or PPM

The condition of your facility's Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems is a big deal. Facilities can waste thousands of dollars in operating and energy costs if the systems are not running at top notch.

Exhausted from dealing with HVAC Repairs? Consider a Proactive Maintenance Plan

A proactive maintenance plan can not only save money, it can actually pay for itself. Pro-MEC helps by taking on the responsibility of improving building comfort while reducing emissions and energy consumption of your central plant while helping to avoid costly equipment failures.

Customized HVAC Maintenance Plans

Pro-MEC can provide a complete HVAC system assessment and then outline the appropriate maintenance program for your building. Taking into consideration the age, condition and specific demands placed upon your system, Pro-MEC can outline the best preventative maintenance plan for your facility.

Pro-MEC’s HVAC comprehensive preventive maintenance plans range from basic to comprehensive, as well providing services such as:

  • Troubleshooting,
  • Repairs and/or
  • Replacement of all parts of the HVAC system

Our plans include accounting for repair or replacement of HVAC components such as:

  • Duct Work & Grilles
  • Tubes & Piping
  • Heat exchangers along with many components

Product independent and service driven, when you choose Pro-MEC, you have one throat to choke – we handle the rest.

Our HVAC Preventive Maintenance provides our customers:

  • Defined maintenance costs
  • A plan for extended equipment life
  • The best possible comfort conditions
  • Improved Uptime
  • Reduced capital expenses

Pro-MEC's Proactive Solutions Pay for Themselves

Experience proves it. Employing Pro-MEC's as your maintenance planner most likely will not require additional budget. Because Pro-MEC is dedicated to reducing your system’s operating costs and improving your energy efficiency through regular maintenance - the plan pays for itself. 

Our comprehensive HVAC PM services include:

  • Water Treatment
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Complete HVAC Systems

Emergencies - A thing of the Past

While Pro-MEC does offer Emergency Service, Repair and Troubleshooting... we work hard to eliminate the need for the added stress and expense of such a occurrence. By utilizing one of our many Proactive Maintenance Solutions, we identify and correct problems that lead to emergency situations. With such a plan we can effectively track system efficiency and predict equipment failure.