Commercial & Industrial Equipment Start-Ups

Like a pilot working the Pre-Flight Checklist, Pro-MEC Engineering Services works an Equipment Start-Up Checklist. The Start-Up Checklist means –

  • Equipment start-up: Each piece of Equipment is run through an Equipment Start-up independently to make sure it functions and performs to spec – like a pilot checks the flaps independently from the Navigation system. This is where we often detect Installation errors – amperage, vibration, and items unique to local conditions such as temperature/freezing, which our Field Services technicians fix on the spot.
  • Controls start-up: The Controls for each piece of Equipment are checked to insure they operate the piece of Equipment fully, and we confirm the controls for each piece of Equipment interface with Plant System Controls – PLC and SCADA – as specified. We work with virtually all brands of Controls – Allen Bradley, Emerson, Fanuc, Siemens – and have developed our own line of Control Panels as well, which we believe are uniquely suited to HVAC and Air Quality equipment.
  • Related Equipment start-up: As each piece of Equipment is run independently, we check for issues in related equipment both Electrical and Mechanical. For example, as Air Quality Equipment is first operated, we perform Leak Detection on the Ductwork. This is how we discover Installation errors prior to sign-off, saving our customers time and money.
  • Startup Checklists: We’ve developed standardized checklists for HVAC Startups, Air Quality Equipment Startups, Controls Startups and General Equipment Startups. We also follow specific Startup sequences as specified by Equipment Manufacturers.

Process Systems Verification

The final phase of startup is performing Process Systems Verification.