Process Systems Verification

The final phase of startup is performing Process Systems Verification, also called Process Start Up Verification. Verification confirms the operational system matches Design Specs.

Process Systems Verification is based on gathering the operational parameters (OP) of a process. Pro-MEC works with the appropriate personnel at the plant level and/or the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to identify all of the critical operating parameters. Pro-MEC either prepares or applies a provided start-up procedure performing a systematic step by step isolation and operating verification of a system’s sub-components.

A standardized breakdown would consist of the following, please note that each system will consist of a customized procedure:

  • Visual inspection of equipment and surroundings
  • Inspection of installation quality
    • Consistency of installation to original / as-built alteration drawings and equipment schedule
    • Anchored or fastened correctly
  • All process duct, piping, & fittings
    • Quality of craftsmanship
    • Material of construction
    • Matches print layout & schedule (Correct Sizes/Correct Direction of Flow)
    • Fittings, valves & dampers (Correct Location/Correct Direction of Flow)
    • Actuated devices electrically terminated correctly and calibrated as to be accurately monitored/controlled by facility information system
  • Instrumentation
    • Matches print layout & schedule (Correct Location, Correct Device for Intended Function)
    • Electrically terminated correctly
    • All instrumentation calibrated to guarantee accuracy
  • Electrical panels, motors and disconnect switches
    • Quality of craftsmanship
    • Matches print layout & schedule (ie, correct size, type, location, etc.)
    • Motor rotations verified
    • Motor amp draw verified
    • Alarms verified for correct operation (panel lights, interlocks, relays)
  • Process analysis
    • Process flows are correct (ie, correct gas and/or liquid flow rates established)
    • Process temperatures are correct
    • Integration of all systems and sub-systems (ie, overall field operation consistent with the intended sequence of operation for entire process – versus system by system)

Pro-MEC Process Systems Startup authority

Our TAB expertise and NEBB certification provides technical understanding, providing a proven end result: system performance as originally intended. Pro-MEC uses control system evaluation techniques to identify if a system has been integrated correctly from a process and/or controls standpoint. We develop a comprehensive report of any deficiencies and detailed plan to complete and finish all required integration.

Once your system is online and operating please refer to Pro-MEC’s Operational Performance Verification (OPV) program to meet Operational Requirements – maintaining and even enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of your equipment to keep it performing within the intended design/permit parameters.