Thermal Imaging or Thermography

Thermal imaging is the means by which we “see” temperature differences.

Pro-MEC uses thermal imaging cameras which pick up electromagnetic waves with wavelengths between roughly 0.9 and 14 micrometers. This allows the exact pin-pointing of overheating joints and sections of lines under power load. If an overheated condition is discovered, Pro-Mec Technicians can recommend solutions to improve the efficiency of heating and air-conditioning units.

This thermogram shows a possible fault with an industrial electrical fuse block.

Advantages of Thermography

  • Displays a large image so variations in temperature can be compared
  • Can effectively image objects in motion
  • Can aid in the detection of issues prior to failure
  • Allows the operator to maintain safe distances from potentially hazordous conditions while testing
  • Non-invasive and Non-destructive
  • Is able to locate imperfections in both metal and plastic
  • Not-dependent on light for testing