Pro-MEC™ Products: Control Panels

We started our portfolio of controls products to save tedious time of having the design engineer picking out every individual part to be placed on the panel. Pro-MEC is experienced in building industrial control panels for various industries and processes, which we apply to minimize time and charges associated with layouts and wiring. We are familiar with the process of quickly building and wiring a quality, economic, and aesthetic control panel.

Pro-MEC™ Control Panels - Why?

  • Custom applications
  • Quick turnaround
  • Setup and facility to complete your project
  • Accurate project estimates upfront
  • All wires are clearly labeled on the panel
  • Legend plates and fuse schedules
  • Avoid the cost of training people to build custom panels – we’ll do it for you
  • Standard line of quality parts: wire duct, din rail, terminal blocks, circuit breakers, fuses, disconnects, enclosures, motor controls, PLCs and other components
  • Common parts minimize spare parts inventory and enhance maintainability
  • Allen Bradley controls – others brands available per customer request

Pro-MEC Engineering Services is a flexible UL listed panel provider. We can accommodate a large variety of designs that our customers need to have built.

  • UL listed Control Panel Shop
  • Industrial Electrical Control Panels
  • Control Panel Design to Customer Sequence of Operation
  • Assembly and wiring of custom panels per customer’s prints/design.


Pro-MEC Control Panels help field technicians and engineers in troubleshooting, retrofitting, replacing fuses, and changing wiring when necessary. We make it a priority to make the end user experience easier.
We power up every panel and test all wires at the end of the project to ensure that the panel was wired correctly. We complete a standard QC checklist per each panel during the end of the project to ensure accuracy, consistency and that all our panels meet UL standards.
Our portfolio of products simply offers flexibility, greatly reduced cost, and lots of time saving.