System Integration for Sustainability

Motivated to achieve the bottom line benefits of energy savings, environmental stewardship and social responsibility, Pro-MEC Engineering Services helps your company’s sustainability progress by integrating Air Pollution Control Equipment, HVAC equipment and your firm’s Process Equipment.
Steeped in engineering, Pro-MEC's recommendations can provide practical solutions for today’s Building design, construction, and operations challenges, with an eye on the long term. We promote the physical, technical and controls interaction of key systems required to deliver lasting results with an eye to our clients’ future. It means going beyond addressing the issue at hand, with System Integration solutions that provide real and measurable savings cradle-to-grave of a company’s critical operating systems.
Your projects reap the benefits of Pro-MEC’s sustainability expertise, including long-term cost savings and greater efficiency, decreased risks and liabilities, as well as new business opportunities, increased asset values, and improved public image and stakeholder relations. While sustainability can become an end in itself, our goal is to meet your needs today with an eye to sustainability.

Sustainability You Can Take to the Bank

Sustainability is nice, but you can’t take it to the bank … or can you? When you select Pro-MEC for New Construction Commissioning services (NC-Cx), you benefit from –

  • Construction cost savings
  • Fewer costly change orders
  • Faster Plan Equipment start-up
  • Enhanced Maintainability of systems
  • Reduced System Maintenance costs
  • Enhanced air quality yielding improved employee work conditions
  • Reduced lifecycle cost of ownership

When you select Pro-MEC for Existing Building Construction Commissioning services (EB-Cx) or Retro-Commissioning (Retro-Cx), you benefit from –

  • Identify performance problems quickly
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality
  • Increased Energy Efficiency
  • Enhanced Employee Comfort
  • Reduced Building Aging / Deterioration

Pro-MEC Engineering Services is Your Smart Choice for Today and Tomorrow