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Building Performance Services

The interaction of high-performance building systems has become more complex than ever. New “smart” facilities are being constructed and legacy energy systems updated or replaced with new technology. As such, it is critical that HVAC systems be tested adjusted and balanced to attain design intent and/or ensure existing system overhauls are turned back over operating the same or better than before. It is extremely important to partner with a qualified testing adjusting and balancing and/or building systems commissioning firm in order to ensure correct operation for new facilities or document owner goals and ensure that all existing systems are operating efficiently and optimally in an interactive manner to meet current operational needs. As a firm certified through the National Environmental Balancing Bureau in HVAC TAB and Building Systems Commissioning, Pro-MEC Engineering Services, Inc. has a combined experience of more than half a century. Allow us the opportunity to help achieve your project goals and ensure the most optimal operation throughout the life cycle of your building energy systems.

Building System Forensic Services

The Building Performance Services team focuses on commercial and industrial environmental and energy system analysis to ensure both new systems are operating within the parameters of design or existing facilities are meeting current facility operational requirements. With roots in HVAC testing, adjusting and balancing (TAB), Pro-MEC has performed a myriad of TAB and other building system forensic services for over 20 years to provide a comprehensive package of assessment capabilities.

  • Critical room air balancing certification

  • New / existing air and hydronic system testing, adjusting and balancing (TAB) - NEBB Certified

  • Inspection and certification of fume hoods and associated exhaust systems

  • State-of-the-art equipment and instrumentation (maintaining all required annual calibrations as applicable, per NEBB standards)

  • Temperature control system verification(new buildings or as part of scope on focused re-commissioning, or "R-Cx light" projects)

  • Pressure/duct leak testing and investigations

  • Pre-demolition TAB (ensure existing system capabilities)

  • Indoor air quality testing

  • Thermal imaging assessments (building envelope, snow melt performance, hydronic coil profiling, electrical panel connections, motor/drive assessments, etc.)

  • Duct and Plenum Leakage testing and sealing

  • Building envelope testing

  • Commissioning process support as part of pre-functional testing process (equipment install verifications, startup support/documentation, systems ready to TAB)

  • Ultra-sonic testing and analysis (compressed air leakage, steam trap testing)

  • Sound level testing for new construction

  • Custom performance-based preventative maintenance (PM) contracting (eg. airflow measuring station calibration, ongoing functional testing of air-handling systems, chilled water systems, hot water heating systems, etc.)

  • Remote monitoring programs (custom 3rd party monitoring of temperature, humidity, airflow, static pressure or other indoor air quality parameters based on customer needs)

Building Systems Commissioning

"Commissioning​ provides assurance to building owners, architects, engineers and other stakeholders that systems, equipment, and subsystems are installed, tested, and are operating in compliance with contract documents and within the scope of design requirements." - NEBB

Pro-MEC Engineering Services strives to ensure owners of new facilities or system upgrades/replacements get what they’re paying for – regardless of where the contract resides (through the owner, construction manager, or mechanical contractor). This can be accomplished through a well-defined and comprehensively executed commissioning project.  With hands-on experience rooted in providing NEBB Certified HVAC TAB services being aligned with an applied engineering staff, Pro-MEC is able to act as the commissioning authority or support other 3rd party partners. We are passionate and dedicated to ensure that all systems undergoing the commissioning process are subject to a fully documented approach to verify correct interactive system operation in a manner consistent with design intent (new construction) or an owner’s current operational requirements (existing systems).

Benefits of commissioning:

  • Improved building systems performance

  • Improved air quality

  • Lower energy costs

  • Reduced operations and maintenance costs

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