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Field Services

Pro-MEC Engineering Services is a leading Global service provider. We have a team highly trained technicians ready to travel the world to install and maintain your equipment. Reach out today and find out how Pro-MEC can help you!


Turn-Key Installations

Our highly skilled installation teams can handle any project, regardless of size, environment, or location.  

Our extensive experience includes installations of: 

  • Thermal Oxidizers

  • Dust collection systems

  • Exhaust and ventilation systems

  • Wet air pollution control equipment

  • High temperature air pollution control equipment

  • Chemical processing systems

  • Plating/etching Lines

  • Conveyor and material handling systems


Pro-MEC Engineering Services, Inc. specializes in field services and can complete any project, large or small. Our expertise includes maintenance, preventative maintenance, system startup and troubleshooting in the following: 

  • Media change outs, including scrubbers and RTO's

  • Emergency services in both air pollution and material handling.

  • Chemical Processing Systems

  • Plating/Etching Lines

  • Controls and Programming

  • Baggage handling and jet bridges for airports


Onsite Repairs

Pro-MEC works with customers on both scheduled and emergency repairs. Our highly skilled technicians are on-call to assist you when it counts most!

Fan Wheel destroyed fan.jpg

Destroyed Industrial Fan


Turn-Key Projects

Pro-MEC will work with our customers and their equipment to tailor programs specifically to their equipment and permits. Do not let your equipment go too long without being serviced. 

No project is too big for Pro-MEC's team to handle. Learn more about the Pro-MEC Advantage and why Pro-MEC is a lead contractor for your equipment installation.

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