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Field Services

Pro-MEC Engineering Services, Inc. specializes in field services and can complete any project, large or small. Our expertise includes maintenance, preventative maintenance, and troubleshooting in the following: 

  • Media change outs, including Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer units​

  • Wet scrubber packing change outs

  • Emergency services in both air pollution and material handling

  • Electrical and controls

  • Baggage handling and jet bridges for airports

We also offer OPV® (Operational Performance Verification), a trademarked service offered exclusively by Pro-MEC Engineering Services, Inc. Our OPV® field service program gives your facility an advantage with scheduled inspections to ensure your system is operating at peak performance within original design parameters.  Click "Request a Quote" to learn more about how OPV® can help your systems!

Polypropylene scrubber fabrication in our facility.

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