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Fire Industry

Unlike other companies, the internal design and engineering department at Pro-MEC Engineering Services, Inc. can build a custom tank to fit your volume, vehicle shape, and project goals.  We adhere to NFPA 1900 standards for firefighting vehicles and apparatus.    

We specialize in thermoplastic fabrication and use virgin copolymer polypropylene to create a durable, lightweight, rust free, and corrosive free tank, body, or skid unit.  All joints and seams are handcrafted extrusion welds and are inspected and certified according to the rigorous German DVS standards. 

Skid Units

Designed to battle brush fires, our skid units can be built to any design and volume needs.

Integrated Fire Truck Tanks and Bodies

We can add options such as:

  • Custom made doors

  • T-mountings

  • Brackets

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